Why you should support no-kill shelters or animal care sanctuaries

Want to make a difference, dear friend of animals? With your love and care for the animals that walk on land, swim in the sea, and fly in the air, you can surely create a better future for them if you are willing to do something. Even if you don’t have the time to care for the animals needing help, you can always support, feed, adopt, or give animal donations to shelters that need funding to continue their mission in providing protection and care for animals in need.


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Animal shelters in the US

In the US, animal shelters take in homeless animals, such as stray cats and dogs. Commonly known as the pound, animal shelters are almost in all states of America. In a data from the National Trends in Animal Shelter Demographics from the 1970s to 2010, that there are 49 states with 2,362 animal shelters. Now, there are over 14,000 animal shelters in operation according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). A few of them are government-funded while most shelters rely on animal donations.

With millions of animals coming in animal shelters every year, some shelters known as “kill” shelters are utilising euthanasia, a method that uses a serum that contains sodium pentothal to kill dogs that are not adopted after 72 hours to make room for more dogs coming in the shelter. Click here Julianas Animal Sanctuary

However, many animal shelters condemn this inhumane act. Hence, they are also known as “no-kill” shelters that care, treat, and train animals to develop behaviors suitable for adoption. Most of them are in need of animal shelter donations to provide good-quality care for sheltered animals looking for a new home.

Supporting no-kill animal shelters and sanctuaries

An animal care sanctuary, like the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, is the best place homeless animals can stay temporarily until they can find a good owner and a permanent home. There is a petition by Carmita Peredes online to make all Shelters in the US to be no-kill shelters because, unfortunately, some animal shelters are still euthanizing animals–dogs and cats. They should be kept alive and not dead. Currently, the petition is almost close to its “50,000 signs” goal. There are also top-performing “no-kill” shelters that has saved 90% of their sheltered animals from euthanasia.

What you can do for no-kill shelters and animal sanctuaries

Willingly doing animal donations for no-kill shelters or sanctuaries is a great help. Here are three of the most important things you can donate to these places:

  1. Food – Pet foods, like dog treats and cat dry food, are needed in animal shelters and sanctuaries to feed the pets and keep them healthy.
  1. Accessories – These include leashes, collars, and even hair brushes to keep the pets groomed and good-looking.
  1. Litters – Called litter boxes or litter trays, these mostly can contain sand to which pets can dispose their waste properly. There are cat and dog litters.

Making a difference

To sponsor an animal in need, you need a trusted animal shelter to make a difference with you. You can visit this link for more details: