PMS Casting Takes a Hiatus

It goes like this: January 1987, Ann Wilkinson is back in L.A. after a long run in a wonderful show on the road. She feels like her on-camera skills need a little tune up before the pilot season, so she signs up for an on-camera commercial workshop taught by well known casting directors. At the end of the first class meeting, the instructor pulls her aside and asks her to teach the class. She demurs because she is not a casting director.

The casting director offers her a temporary part-time job as a casting director. As anyone well trained in improvisation will do, she says “yes, and…” Two weeks, 3 projects and 110 hours later, Ann Wilkinson becomes a junior partner in Tepper Gallegos Casting. Within the year, she is Vice President and co-owner.

Flash Forward: Ann Wilkinson has been casting star and principle talent for studios, networks and national advertising agencies since 1987. And since returning to Iowa and founding PMS Casting, Ann has served as the premiere connection for finding great local and regional talent. Recent film projects include True Grit, Smitty, The Experiment, Splatter, Collapse, Peacock, The Offering and 16 to Life.

But now, Ann Wilkinson and PMS Casting are taking a hiatus in order to concentrate more fully on other projects. We might be back. We might not. Just say “yes, and…” You never know where the adventure will lead to next.