Types of retirement homes in Australia

Getting old is inevitable. Nonetheless, you can ensure your later years will be enjoyable by planning for your retirement as early as possible. However, whether you are looking for a retirement place for yourself or for your parents, the task will not be an easy one. This is where an aged care consultant comes in. They help you with deciding which retirement place is the right one for you.

Aged Care Consultant

Aged care consultants are professionals who help the elderly and their families with choosing the best aged care facility. The advice they will give you will depend on whether you or your loved one can live independently or need a lot of assistance.

An aged care consultant may be a representaive of a nursing home or a social worker. Either way, these professionals do not only help with choosing a retirement facility, but they can also help with selecting the right geriatric healthcare and financing options.

There are different types of living arrangements available in Australia that assisted living consultants usually recommend. Here are the most common ones:

1. Retirement villages

Retirement villages are the most popular options for retirement in the country. In fact, there is at least one retirement village you will find in every town. Around 60% of these villages are privately owned by corporations, while the rest, 40%, are owned by churches and charities.

When you choose to live in a retirement village, you do not own the unit. Instead, you only pay for the rights to reside there.

Houses or units in a retirement village do not have any stairs or steps. The bathrooms are also wide to accommodate mobility devices. The nice thing about living in a retirement village is that you will have the chance to socialise with the other residents.

2. Land lease communities

This type of community is a gated estate where you lease the land and own your home. Your home is built in a factory and brought to the community. Despite being affordable, this type of community offers a luxurious type of living because of amenities, such as tennis courts, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and many more. You also get social support from your neighbours living within the community.

3. Serviced apartments

Aged care placement professionals will also advise you or your loved one to stay in a serviced apartment if you need assistance from time to time. Serviced apartments have small rooms with small kitchens. Just like a retirement village, you rent your unit. Your meals are served in a communal area. This kind of community is ideal for older people who need assistance in doing their daily chores. These apartments also offer healthcare management for those who are getting frail already.

4. Home care retirement villages

This type of retirement home offers high-level healthcare support and palliative care. The main objective of these villages is that residents do not have to move from their retirement home to a nursing home even during their final days. The care and support are brought straight to their homes. When you opt for a home care retirement village, you rent and do not own the unit.

An aged care consultant can help make your retirement experience a wonderful one. If you are in need of their services, please visit