Enjoy the fulfilling career of dog walking in Australia today

In 2018, statistics show around 38% of all households in Australia own one or a few dogs. This translates to about 4.8 million dogs all over the country, which makes dog walking a popular career for adults these days. In Melbourne, for example, dog walking Melbourne companies offer more jobs for dog lovers. This helps people earn while enjoying the time they spend on various furbabies.

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Yes, a dog walking job is truly fulfilling for dog lovers. It offers fascinating perks with profit as a bonus as well. But it’s not that easy as it seems since you need to possess specific values, skills and knowledge to handle client dogs properly. And that’s what you need to know before applying in a dog walking company.

Perks of becoming a dog walker in Australia

A dog walker job can let you enjoy a fascinating experience as you handle different client furbabies. Here are some of them:

  • You can spend an ample amount of time with different dogs. You can handle dogs in different breeds, sizes, colours and behaviours throughout your work. And that alone is a big benefit for dog lovers like you.
  • Handling various dogs means learning more about them. This can help you develop better training tricks, understand their behaviours and provide better service to each fur babies.
  • Becoming a dog walker can lead you to a wonderful community of dog lovers. This includes other dog walkers, dog breeders and veterinarians among other experts. Thus, you can spend ample time with people that share your interests on these furbabies. Of course, this is a good way to get professional help and advice throughout your job as well.
  • Excellent career advantages are waiting for you as well. If you work for a dog walk job, you can earn around $30 to $50 an hour. Moreover, dog walking companies usually offer flexible working schedules. You can decide when you can work each week, making it perfect for additional income.

What it takes to become a dog walker in Australia

Remember these points to become a dog walker in your local place:

  • Be sure you’re a dog lover before getting on this career. This is to make sure that you will handle client dogs with love and care, instead of merely focusing on earning cash. In Melbourne, for instance, dog walking Melbourne companies require it to hire people that can provide quality dog walking services.
  • You should have sufficient background in training and handling dogs. This assures a dog walking company that you can handle different dogs in varying situations. For example, you should know how to calm down hyperactive puppies without harming them.
  • Aside from being a brilliant dog walker and sitter, you should have a positive attitude towards people as well. Note that you’ll be facing different dog parents throughout your job, and you need to gain their trust before taking their furbabies on a walk.
  • Finally, search for a reputable dog walking company in your local place. Apply in a company that can provide sufficient support, such as staff training and availability of equipment. If you’re looking for a dog walking company in Brisbane, for example, ask a dog walker about how their career goes. That can show you if they have good pet sitting jobs Brisbane companies can offer.

Becoming a dog walker is a great idea, especially with all the fulfilment it can give you. Be sure, however, to prepare yourself so you can begin a dog walking career in your local place.

And if you’re in Melbourne, visit for a reputable dog walking Melbourne Company where you can apply right away.