Bullying is Rampant Today! Here’s What You Can Do as Parents

Bullying takes on different forms. Trolling, posting rumours, and identity theft are examples of cyberbullying. Yes, online bullying can have a huge impact on the life of a person.

Bullying in person, though, is something different. This could put your kid in a life or death situation. This is the reason self-defence classes, such as those offered at, come in handy. At these classes, kids will be trained to be physically fit enough to run, which is a good defence in itself. Or if they’re really forced to fight, kids can also protect themselves. For kids, these could be a real life-saver.

A Quick Look at Australia’s Bullying Statistics

Bullying is such an alarming issue around the world. A lot of suicide attempts and crimes can be attributed to bullying. In Australia, for instance, data from a national study shows that one in four students in their 4th to 9th year is bullied. The study also found out that 84% of the victims of online bullying are also bullied in person. And 83% of those who bully online also do it in person.

Another study also shows that verbal bullying is the most common form of harassment as it accounts for up to 50% of all the cases reported. One can never really underestimate the power of words. Verbal bullying might sound funny to the audience. The victim might also just smile at the harsh words. But ultimately, it can bore a hole in the person’s heart. And eventually, this might lead to stress, hatred, fear, depression, and suicide.

Action Plans for Parents

The victim could have that feeling of being alone and not good enough well into adulthood. And this could significantly affect their personal and professional life. Before this will happen to your kids, equip them accordingly to defend themselves against bullies. As parents, experts say these are the highly recommended ways to get started:

  • Raise your kids’ awareness of bullying. Teach kids how to tell if a person is a bully or not. Teach them where to find good friends and how to nurture healthy relationships.
  • Equip them with passive anti-bullying techniques. Enrol them at a reliable Karate school. If you’re living in Sydney, the courses at are worth considering.
  • Encourage kids to speak up. Ask them how their day at school went. With their gestures, you can tell if something’s wrong.
  • Allow kids to engage in hobbies. Let them do what they love. In this way, they can find like-minded friends who can serve as their social and emotional support.
  • Model positive behaviour. Teaching kids how to show respect should start at home.
  • Collaborate with the teachers. Join events at school. Talk to their teachers regularly. And join school meetings with parents. Knowing the parents of your kids’ classmates will greatly prevent bullying behaviour.

Considering the destructive effects of bullying on the lives of kids, it’s a must to equip kids to handle this issue. Raising their awareness helps. So does self-defence techniques such as those offered at by Trifu Dojo. It’s good to avoid conflict and be a peacemaker, but it’s also wise to help kids stand their ground.